Classic Mac keyboard bug

I compiled a classic Mac OS version of SDL from the 1.2 trunk in SVN, to
test out the new gamma ramp stuff, which works great, but I noticed a

The right half of my keyboard isn’t working! I can run around in the
game (WASD), quit (Q), etc., but I can’t start a new game (N) or go to
prefs § or fire the second trigger (space bar).

If I put the old SDL library back in, it all works great.

What could have changed to cause this? I didn’t think anybody was
messing with classic Mac OS stuff at this late date. Maybe there was a
Quartz change or something that might have done it?

I can do some more debugging and find out if the events are even being
generated, or if it’s just the wrong key, or whatever, just thought I’d
post a heads-up in case someone realizes “Oh, I could have broken that”