Closing SDL Overlay and Screen without calling SDL_QUIT

Hi All;

I search the forum but unable to find proper answer for my question.
I have a problem with closing my SDL window. What i am trying to do is , in my application in one situation i need to create overlay and screen and than i need to close it… I should not use thread and i need to open - close the SDL window frequently during my application …
Below code is how i open SDL window… SDL_quit is not closing the window because my application i not terminating … Is there a way to achive opening closing SDL window without using external threads for SDL.

void do_SDL(void *arg)

int w, h, bpp;
SDL_Surface* icon;
SDL_Surface * mscreen;
Uint32 flags;
w = 352;
h = 288;
bpp = 0;

if (!SDL_screen_exist)
	SDL_screen_exist = 1;

if ( screen == NULL ) 
		fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't set %dx%d video mode: %s\n", w, h, SDL_GetError());
SDL_WM_SetCaption("VIDEO", NULL);
icon = SDL_LoadBMP("icon.bmp");
SDL_WM_SetIcon(icon, NULL);


void close_sdl(){