CMake and SDL_image - How to ask for some changes / PR on the official mercurial repo

I started automating the CMake build of a project completely by compiling SDL from source alongside it, but I unfortunately had to make a few changes to CMakeFiles.txt for it to work.
On platforms other than Android, the CMake build system of SDL_image requires a FindSDL module, which might not be available in the project, nor is it always needed.
It would be nice to be able to bypass this check somehow if we know that we take care of providing the targets to the CMake build system.
Also, the target seems to be wrongly set up, as it requires a dependency to SDL2::SDL2, even though the output target name of the SDL is just “SDL2”

I know that this is in a pre-release state right now (I had to fetch the file from the current WIP 2.0.6 version on the mercurial repository to get the CMakeLists.txt file), but is there any way to require some changes or a specific way to do a mercurial PR so that those changes could be integrated in the next 2.0.6 version of SDL_image? (I’m not too familiar with mercurial)

That would be awesome, and thank you for integrating CMake support to this library :slight_smile: