Color and surfaces problems (source code explanation)

Sorry I forgot a little explanation:

Actually the code does nothing …

But it should load the image to the screen for test puporses…

When the program is started the constructor is called

Maininit::Maininit(char *Iconos,int *main_argc, char *main_argv[])

( Actually all args ignored )

This is done in Line 64 file ( jumps to )

Maininit Main_status("graficos/iconos.raw",&argc,argv);
It inits SDL and video mode then check if screen must be locked...

After that loads the pic with ImageMagic lib and shows some info
about the

Then a new surface is created (for test) and filled with the for loop.
Blitted into screen
And all deallocate.

and exit…

Useless but a way of begin…