Color palette oddity in wolf3d from using SDL 1

Shawn Walker wrote:

I noticed that when using the SDL 1.3 trunk that relnev’s wolf3d port at has color palette problems. Blue becomes purple, etc. and various things look inverted somehow. I am using an OS X Lion system and compiled both SDL 1.3 and Wolf3d from source.

Steps I took were something like this:

cd ~/devel
hg clone sdl-1.3
cd sdl-1.3
did ./configure, etc.
sudo make install

cd ~/devel
git clone git:// relnev-wolf3d
cd relnev-wolf3d
(copied wolf3d files over)

However, when running relnev’s wolf3d with SDL 1.2 branch tip, everything works as expected; using SDL 1.3 trunk, color palette is wacky. So this seems like a possible bug in SDL 1.3’s 1.2 compatibility, just a plain bug, or a known problem when using SDL 1.2 programs with 1.3.

I haven’t tracked down the source of the issue yet, but I thought I would mention it in the of chance that someone already knew the cause or could speculate.


SDL mailing list
SDL at

This sounds very similar to what I’m seeing with my tweaked version of Candy Crisis running with the SDL-1.2 revision for Lion. All of the images are inverted somehow. I’ve no idea why.