Comments and feedback

I’ve been looking at the sdl source code and more specifically the android
side of things.

There’s a few issues that I’m running into.

  1. I was working on a live wallpaper based off the sdlactivity, I
    implemented it to a point but all the static references causes issues with
    getting all the bugs ironed out.

For 1 unlike an activity services can totally get killed so static
references just messes things up. Especially for a live wallpaper where you
can actually have 2 active at one time; 1 as an actual live wallpaper and
then going to add a new one. At that point there are two instances and the
static references just causes issues.

I can fix it but I will need to implement the SDL_Android.c class w/o
static references which shouldn’t be too bad.

The other issue is that since android is moving away from ant/ eclipse to
android studio/ gradle and with the current experimental build you can use
depreciated ndk method to build but it’s already listed as depreciated. I
wanted to create a gradle build for the sdl2 library.

So I plan to write a gradle build for the sdl project and 2 make sure that
sdl can make bug free livewallpapers for the android platform. It would be
awesome to have these two changes become an official part of the sdl source
and that’s why I am asking here first if that’s something that once
completed could be incorporated with sdl?