Compile capping frame rate


I am trying to run the capping_frame_rate.cpp file in visual studio 2015. Any documentation to compile the project?
i am getting following error.

LNK2019 unresolved external symbol TTF_OpenFont referenced in function “bool __cdecl loadMedia(void)” (?loadMedia@@YA_NXZ)

LNK2019 unresolved external symbol TTF_Init referenced in function “bool __cdecl init(void)” (?init@@YA_NXZ)

LNK2019 unresolved external symbol TTF_CloseFont referenced in function “void __cdecl close(void)” (?close@@YAXXZ)

Kindly help me to compile the program. Many thanks.

Presumably you haven’t linked against SDL2_ttf or something?


INcluded - c:\Imaging\SDL\SDL2_ttf-2.0.15\SDL2_ttf-2.0.15

lib - libfreetype-6.lib

Anything else should i add ?

Kindly help me. Many Thanks.

You are obviously not linking against the library for SDL2_ttf.


Thanks for your quick response.

I can’t fine SDL2_tff.lib file in SDL2_ttf-2.0.15 source folder. i have libfreetype-6.lib in that folder.

Anything am i missing ?

Do the needful.

Yes, you’re missing whatever library contains the functions reported in your link errors, which would be the main SDL ttf library, whatever that is called. These functions won’t be defined in libfreetype as that is just the underling text rasterising engine used by SDL ttf.

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Thanks. Fixed the linker issue.


What is the input for this project? Nothing will display in the screen when i gave image as input.

I am doing anything wrong?

Many Thanks