Compile error with SMPEG update function in a C++ class. (__cdecl *) specifier


I want to set the update function for the MPEG playback (SMPEG library) as a
member of a C++ class:

header file (.h):___________

class draw_mpeg: public draw_resource
void update_surface( SDL_Surface surface, Sint32 x, Sint32 y,
Uint32 w, Uint32 h );
SDL_Surface* myvideo;
void draw( SDL_Surface* dest );

implementation file (.cpp)

void draw_mpeg::update_surface( SDL_Surface *surface, Sint32 x, Sint32 y,
Uint32 w, Uint32 h )
SDL_Rect r = { x, y, w, h };

SDL_BlitSurface( surface, &r, dest_surface, &rect );
r.x = rect.x;
r.y = rect.y;
SDL_UpdateRects( dest_surface, 1, &r );


void draw_mpeg::draw( SDL_Surface* dest )

SMPEG_setdisplay( mpeg, myvideo, NULL, update_surface );



But I get a compiler error (VisualC/C++ 6.0):

error C2664: ‘SMPEG_setdisplay’ : cannot convert parameter 4 from ‘void
(struct SDL_Surface *,int,int,unsigned int,unsigned int)’ to ‘void (__cdecl
*)(struct SDL_Surface *,int,int,unsigned int,unsigned int)’

The difference is in the (__cdecl *) specifier required by SMPEG_setdisplay

What do I need to specify? I tried extern “C” and DECLSPEC with no success.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

/* Matches the declaration of SDL_UpdateRect() */
typedef void(SMPEG_DisplayCallback)(SDL_Surface dst, int x, int y,
unsigned int w, unsigned int h);

/* Set the destination surface for MPEG video playback
’surfLock’ is a mutex used to synchronize access to ‘dst’, and can be
‘callback’ is a function called when an area of ‘dst’ needs to be
If ‘callback’ is NULL, the default function (SDL_UpdateRect) will be
extern DECLSPEC void SMPEG_setdisplay(SMPEG
mpeg, SDL_Surface* dst,
SDL_mutex* surfLock,
SMPEG_DisplayCallback callback);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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