Compile sdl 1.2.4 on mingw

Im very new to compile and code and dont understand a lot yet. I’ve seen some links from the forum on help me but most they are dead.

I have MinGW32 for compile and want to compile a modified dll of SDL 1.2.4 but I have some problems. I am using windowsXP and I have compiled successfully other things on MinGW32 but when I try to compile SDL I receive error echo “*** ERROR: /usr does not exist!”; \ so I try to make /usr dir, but I dont know where it goes.

Is my understanding that SDL 1.2.4 can put keys NUM_LOCK and CAPS_LOCK in normal mode by compile with SDL_DISABLE_LOCK_KEYS

  • Added SDL_DISABLE_LOCK_KEYS environment variable to enable normal up/down events for Caps-Lock and Num-Lock keys.

Can someone please help me compile SDL 1.2.4 so that NUM_LCK and CAPS_LOCK respond with with Key up event?

Sorry for noob questions I hope someone can help pls.
Many thanks

I’m assuming you are also using Msys with MinGW. If that is the case and you are running the configuration script, it’s best to at least use the flag --prefix=/mingw because it will default to looking for a /usr directory.

So again, my suggestion would be to at the minimum use the command:
./configure --prefix=/mingw

If there are other flags you wish to use you can include them as well.
You’ll probably want to rebuild the lib (not sure if that is needed)

I hope that helps!

  • Micah