Compiling SDL2-UWP (or: Where should I post patches?)


I’ve tried to compiled VisualC-WinRT\UWP_VS2015\SDL-UWP.sln and noticed an include was needed for it to compile with VS2019 and the latest Windows SDK.

Where should I post a patch for that? It seems to me that this forum is more for developers that are users of SDL2, not for the development of SDL2 itself. Is that correct?

Here’s the patch btw:

# HG changeset patch
# User Jan Niklas Hasse <>
# Date 1590480492 -7200
#      Tue May 26 10:08:12 2020 +0200
# Node ID 02e2cded27095c2e426e4076209168c5ca198f14
# Parent  a8f431812db719ff5f6f4f6dbb297ca536b8a363
winrt: Add required include for newer Windows SDKs

src\video\winrt\SDL_winrtgamebar.cpp(57,41): error C2061: syntax error: identifier '__FIEventHandler_1_IInspectable'

diff -r a8f431812db7 -r 02e2cded2709 src/video/winrt/SDL_winrtgamebar.cpp
--- a/src/video/winrt/SDL_winrtgamebar.cpp     Mon May 25 14:10:51 2020 -0700
+++ b/src/video/winrt/SDL_winrtgamebar.cpp     Tue May 26 10:08:12 2020 +0200
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
 /* Windows includes */
 #include <roapi.h>
 #include <>
+#include <windows.gaming.ui.h>
 #include <EventToken.h>

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