Compiling the SDL source with C++Builder

Has anybody tried to compile the SDL-1.2.4 source with the C++Builder?
I tried it and got some compiler errors which I solved by setting the
WIN32 define explicitly in the project options.
After this change the code compiled, but the lib-File had just 1kb an the
dll-File only 47kb instead of 220kb as the precompiled version. The test
apps did not link because of unresolved externals (_sdl_init for example).

If I use the precompiled sdl, I still have to do some work before it
Exactly I modified sdl_main.c so that the console_main is defined for
BorlandC additional to MSVC. Secondly I wrapped my sdl.h-include in pragma
option-lines to force integer size for enums.

Is there anybody who got source compiled?

Greeting, Christoph.