Complete switch to CMake

Hi there, CMake guru here. (well, not quite yet, but improving)

By encountering the problem of the missing SDL2-config.cmake (still for windows!) I’ve seen you moved partially to CMake. Going through most of those (ancient by now) discussions I understand you actually want to ditch all those separate build systems for a full CMake solution. So the commands to build would change from configure && make && sudo make install to something like cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release && cmake --build . && sudo cmake --build . --target install (or cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release && make && sudo make install) and those work pretty much cross-platform (even on Windows, except for the sudo)

Before I invest any effort please get me updated:

  • Is there still interest to get rid of the different build systems in favor of a single one (CMake)
  • What is the current status on that and what is not working yet?
  • Do you have any CI or so to do automated compile (optionally run) testing?
  • What is your preferred way for contributions? I guess opening an issue on and attaching a patch file? (no PRs? I’m a git guy :wink: )
  • I’d base the work on modern CMake which means CMake >= 3.0. Ideally I would go for >=3.4 (better support for libraries on OSX among others). A quick look shows, that 3.5 is in the Ubuntu trusty repos, which sounds as a reasonable minimum. What shall it be?