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Stephane Magnenat wrote:


As you know Microsoft will use Windows on XBox, don’t know if it is
NEEmbedded, WinCE3.0 (4.0 ?) or some stuff like this, but this allow them to
use everything from DirectX to IE component on it. As think on opensource

Not quite… My understanding of the XBox specs at the moment:

  • the kernel is a cutdown win2000 kernel
  • no windows/gdi (So it’ll have to be a very specialised IE)
  • only one process, which runs in kernel space (ring0?). Can be
  • no virtual memory
  • FAT filesystem (ugh! spit spit!)
  • Latest/greatest DirectX
  • Nvidia has said they’ll support OpenGL, but I wouldn’t be too
    surprised if that was vetoed by MS.
  • winsock support

It’s still vapourware of course, so anything could happen, but I think
the specs sound about right.

I’m pretty sure the X in XBox refers to the popular unix windowing
system - it won’t be long before someone turns it into a really nice X
terminal :slight_smile:

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