Control multiple windows on different display in SDL1.3

Hello! Sorry for bad english.
Please tell me how make windows and place each on different displays.
I had Radeon 9100 + ATI 8.13 drivers. XFee4.3.0.1 configured from “clone” video
out to “landscape”. Programm SDL1.3/test/testvidinfo2 tell about having 2
display (0, 1) with opengl renderer.
Next i brain storm source SDL1.3/test/testsprite2 and rewriting some chunks
executing his with ./testsprite2 --info all --windows 2 --display 1 --geometry
1024x768. --display arg naturally placed windows (all present) to custom
display, but:
0) placed 2 windows in different coordinates ((50, 50) and (100,100)) on same
display - blitting have only in window 2 - window 1 filling gray color (0xa0,
0xa0, 0xa0), any try blitting image to window 1 - unsuccesses!

  1. if i remove from command promt args --windows and create w windows manually
    (SDL_SelectVideoDisplay, SDL_CreateWindow, SDL_CreateRender) - no errors
    returned, but specific arg position_x, position_y not touched this window, his
    moved (in dimension current display) only with SDL_SetWindowPosition function.
  2. if i remove from command promt args --display and placed in sources
    SDL_SelectVideoDisplay - no happens!

Please take knowlege how this made correctly!!!
I revieve most used SDL1.3 function in his sources, but not found answers.