Controller seen as two

I am new to SDL but I have started using it for joysticks and controllers. When I connect an Xbox 360 controller via a wireless USB adapter in Windows 11 and use SDL to detect joysticks, it shows up as two controllers. The adapter is the 3rd party type (it says XBOX 360 on it) and interestingly I also have a genuine Microsoft adapter which does not have the problem. Having a controller show up as two controllers is extremely difficult to work with since there is no way of knowing the second controller is not the same one or a different one. Of course one solution is to not use the 3rd party adapter but the problem still exists for users of the software I make that possibly will use one. Does anyone know if this is something to do with SDL or something deeper?

And is this controller visible as two also in the system tool for testing and calibrating joysticks?

It’s seen as one controller in the system “Game Controllers” tool.