Converting from basic OpenGL to SDL2 Render API

OK, first a little history, and sorry for the long(ish) message. I’m
attempting to convert Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) from basic OpenGL to
SDL2 Render API. The only reason I ever added OpenGL support was to work
around deficiencies in software rendering in SDL1.2. Now that SDL2 support
hardware acceleration everywhere, it makes sense to port to it, rather
than continue with OpenGL only.

So, my use case:

I have a class representing a surface (named FBSurface). These surfaces
are basically an array of pixels/SDL_Surface structure that is uploaded to
OpenGL with TexSubImage2D. Scaling is also done where needed. Sometimes
there is scaling/blending/filtering, sometimes not. All surface are drawn
with painters algorithm. The main point being, I want to apply
scaling/blending/filtering per-surface; some will be scaled, some others
won’t, etc. I figure I can use SDL_RenderCopy with appropriate src and
dest rects to get the sizes/positions I want.

Some questions:

  1. Is it better to use STREAMING or STATIC textures for the FBSurface
    (note that currently these change fairly often, where I directly access
    the pixels).

  2. How do I enable/disable blending/filtering per surface, and not for the
    entire renderer?

Thanks in advance for any info,
Steve A.
Stella maintainer