Could someone help install a working android development environment?


You seem to be using a lot of RAM. And going up to 4GB between screens
does seem to imply a leak.

You are responsible for freeing all your data when you use it. For
your program, SDL_Textures, SDL_Surfaces, and your audio data (see
ALmixer_FreeData) make up the largest use of RAM for your program. You
need to make sure you free all these resources when you are done with

Also, I don’t know enough about how your program works, but I did
notice you have a ton of resources. If you are trying to load them all
at launch, this might be too much data. On a desktop you might be able
to get away with 2GB, but on mobile, you are not going to have enough
RAM. You may need to consider loading just the assets you need when
you need them and then unloading them immediately when you are done
(if you aren’t already doing this).



Ok I will have to load the textures before each new screen load & delete them again before another different screen load.
But now , I’m first trying to deal with deleting all the vectors of type SDL_Texture* vectA , vectB , vectC etc

I have something like this:
for(int i = 26;i < 91;++i) {
//vectletter should be ; vect + i as vectA if i = 26
// i tried with a new string and std::to_string but that didn’t work, it’s not a texture
//and its not the same class member vector.
for (auto tempTexture : vectLetter) {
any idea how to do this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I don’t have enough context to understand what you are trying to do so
I’m not sure if this is going to help. But your VectA seems to be a
vector of SDL_Texture*.
So you need to hunt through that array for the specific texture you
want to unload, and then unload it.

Using a vector of strings is the wrong type.
SDL_DestroyTexture() needs an SDL_Texture*. It doesn’t know what to do
with a std::string.



nevermind, I’m being slow today. I already wrote the getVect() function for this purpose earlier :grin:


If I understand the problem, you seem to want to dynamically create
variable names (VectA to VectZ) and then use them without actually
typing out their names.

I don’t think it is possible to do what you want in C++, unless you
are willing to use the preprocessor (which may obfuscate the code too
much for you) or possibly some advanced template magic (which may also
obfuscate the code too much for you).

You could try something different where instead of creating variables
VectA to VectZ, you create an array of vectors (or vector of vectors).
So instead of accessing VectA, VectB, …, VectZ, you access Vect[0],
Vect[1], …, Vect[25].



Eric, I don’t know if could ask you yet another question? :blush:
but I’m getting some strange errors.

The compiler complains that the initialize and togglemusic functions are not defined.
I see green squiggle marks under the declarations in the mainScreen.h file and “function definition for initialize (or togglemusic) not found”? And off course these functions have been defined.

I also get this error sometimes when muting/unmuting music and going back and forth between the screens:
Exception thrown at 0x000007FED7AE52A0 (SDL2.dll) in BlurrrJustADot.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x000007FED7AE52A0. Also when it throws this exception memory usage goes up to several gbs , while otherwise its mbs.

it compiles just fine , but my code is not bug free yet . Any idea how to fix this?


I just replied directly to you via email.




I was wondering if some could delete/edit their messages with links to my code/project ?

Actsl : messages 37,42 and 55
Eric: message 41 and 67.

Eric, I will give you credit in my apps " about me " page , in that you helped port to blurrr and other platforms :slight_smile:



I don’t think it is possible to edit a message. I can take down access
to the Github repo I made if that is what concerns you.



Justadot, you should create your own forum similar to Stack Overflow, no stupid rules of what to delete here. The files in the GitHub storage cannot be deleted or not allowed access to, these are not the same as files in GitHub repositories.


actsl , please just go the message # I mentioned and edit the messages by deleting the link to the project? and delete the project as well?
why is that a problem ? I just don’t want this all over the internet.

And yes Eric, if you could do the same that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You can edit by clicking the pencil in the middle



The problem is that this forum has no idiotic rules that force deleting messages like Stack Overflow, if you want to establish such rules, please do that in some other forum.


Actsl , I’m asking you nicely to please edit your messages to remove the links to my project or to delete the project . Why is this a problem ? It almost seems like you’re deliberately making things difficult for me? How is this kind of behavior ok on any forum?

This is my first app and I have worked very hard for this , I don’t want it online in the open like that.

I only ask that you edit your messages or delete/edit the project online ?


I don’t deliberately make things more difficult for you, i make things easier for other people, for whom it’s more difficult to follow what is written when a part of the messages are deleted. This is a public forum, it’s not only for you, it is for everyone who reads it. And if you write anything here, like you posted your code here, you should consider that you made it available to everyone, and by doing so you agreed that your code is open, in the stage in which it was then. For any changed versions you can choose a license.


but this is my first app and now it feels practically useless as the code is in the open. I’m an absolute SDL beginner and this has been brutal for me this whole process .

I don’t understand why you can’t delete the project. There is enough help in this forum topic to help people set up blurrr at least.

Please just delete the project one way or the other. If you can’t delete the project/files ,delete each file contents and save the blank ?

I will give a donation or whatever you want :frowning:


Please stop talking about this, first we don’t help people for pay here, and second you are not going to give donation neither to me or to Eric, you are lying. Remember to Eric, even if you buy his software, you promised donation too.


I’m sorry you are having to go through this. actsl does not speak for anyone else here but himself. I would agree that he is not acting very kindly or generously and I don’t think that’s in the spirit of SDL or these forums. Maybe a moderator can help out?

When posting code in a public forum, you should expect that a lot of people will gain access to it. Unfortunately, applying a license does little at that point and while it’s unlikely that there would ever be a legal issue, I understand it’s still stressful. Since you may not have explicitly granted a license to anyone, it is still yours to control. You might publicly grant actsl a license to view and modify your code and expressly prohibit making it available to anyone else. If he doesn’t comply with your request to take the code off of his server, then that’s a problem he may need additional nudging to fix.

Jonny D


Nudging is a very cruel word, don’t you think, you can kill people by nudging.

Ok, i deleted all references to justadot code, you forced me, i didn’t have to. As i said, i cannot take files off from the GitHub file storage, this is not a GitHub repository, you can put files there but cannot delete them, neither can you restrict access to them.

And i think i were not treated well by justadot, neither do i think Eric was.


Thanks Jonny D :slight_smile:

actsl, I’ve been nothing but kind and thankful for all the help i’ve received here .
Especially to Eric, so I have no idea what you are talking about that I’ve been rude?

And please delete the files content of the whole project , is that not possible ? If you have access to it? Or ask a github mod or such , please :frowning:


I said it’s not possible. I’m sorry but, do you threaten to nudge me out of the cliff now when i don’t do that, i said it’s not possible. Why are you so hostile, i did nothing bad to you, i tried to help you, i tried a lot to help you, i’m really sorry but, i don’t deserve to be treated that way by you.

I’m threatened to do what i cannot do, what should i do, where should i run?