Couldn't open image file: dicefade_1.png (SDL_RWFromZZIP:)

Hi there,

I’m not an SDL programmer, so sorry if my question seems obvious. I
couldn’t find the answer through Google or trial and error, so here goes…

I have been provided a program which I am told compiles and runs
perfectly under the latest version of SDL for Windows (presumably
1.2.11). It’s been my job to create a small GNU/Linux environment on
which to run this application as a kiosk-style system.

I have decided on using Debian sarge, but compiling the new libSDL ,
SDL-Image, SDL-Mixer and other dependencies myself. This setup has
worked for similar programs, but one particular program is still causing

There is a zip file ‘’ (around 75Mb) which gets loaded by
SDL_RWFromZZIP. It contains things like TTF fonts, WAV files and many
many PNG image files. Whenever the application runs, I get:
Couldn’t open image file: resources/dicefade_1.png (SDL_RWFromZZIP:)
Resource load failed:
I realize that some of this message is program-specific, but the
SDL_RWFromZZIP SDL function seems to be causing the failure.

The weird part is that the file which fails seems random (although it’s
usually one of the bigger ones). I know this program chews up system
memory, but I am assuming 1Gb would be enough for a minimalist X

Is there anything in particular I should check, or have the developer
look at? At the moment, he seems just as confused as I am.


Adam Bolte