Crash when calling SDL_Quit on UWP program

Hello, i post here because i have a weird problem, when my Universal Windows Platform app finished runing, calling SDL_Quit seems to crash my program, even with a program like this

return 0;

i get a crash when calling sdl_quit, i’m always redirected to

static bool __cdecl issue_debug_notification(wchar_t const* const message) throw()
// This is referenced only in the Debug CRT build

#ifdef _DEBUG
    switch (_CrtDbgReportW(_CRT_ERROR, nullptr, 0, nullptr, L"%ls", message))
    case 1:
        return true;

    case 0:
        return true;
#endif // _DEBUG

    return false;

and the crash occures at _CrtDbgBreak(); with the error message "abort() has been called"
what could i do to fix it ?

After some debugging, i found that the problem comes from the SDL Events quit at the "SDL_StopEventLoop();"
but i still haven’t really found a way to help me

the crash happens at this part of SDL_StopEventLoop()

if (SDL_event_watchers_lock) {
SDL_event_watchers_lock = NULL;

at the “SDL_DestroyMutex”

It seems that updating to the mercurial build fixed the problem