Cross compiling for ARM--Problem with SDL-based YUV viewer

I’m now trying to cross-compile a SDL-based YUV player on a S3C2410 board.
First I have successfully cross-compiled the SDL-1.2.11. Then I
cross-compiled the YUV player.Everything went well.

The YUV file I get is in QCIF(176x144) format. When I ran the application on
the ARM borad, the LCD turned dark and black.

Actually, from the terminnal (I use minicom to control the ARM board), I
notice that the player is already running. I guess there might be sth wrong
with SDL_SetVideoMode( ) function, because it initializes the player. But
I’m not sure about this.Could you help me?

There is a link about this YUV viewer:
You can download it from this link, or you can search “yay yuv viewer” via
google to get information about it. Anyway, I think it is a very nice

Sorry for the poor English. Thanks a lot.–
Sichuan University