Cross compiling Linux->Windows using KDevelop

I’ve having a few problems here…

I’ve successfully run I made a new KDevelop Hello World
project and by adding the configure option host=i386-mingw32msvc and
changing the CXX command to the minGW32 compiler I managed to compile a
Hello World exe.

Next I installed the MinGW32 version of the SDL libraries into the

Then I made a new Kdevelop SDL application, and as well as changing the
host and cxx command I also added the MinGW32 SDL include and library
paths. Configure however has problems in that it looks in the wrong place
for sdl-config, and also it looks in the wrong place for
i386-mingw32msvc-ranlib, i386-mingw32msvc-strip and other such things.

The scripts and available on the SDL
website are supposed to sort these problems out, but they are designed to
be used when you’ve manually made your own makefiles, not when KDevelop is
doing all its crazy auto stuff.

Is there some way I can somehow combine the KDevelop auto-generated
stuff with the cross-configure scripts?