Cross-compiling SDL with pocketpc-gcc for WinCE?

I ran into the same problem a few months ago. Binutils doesn’t support dll’s for arm-*-pe, and the crew maintaining binutils doesn’t appear inclined to add that support. One option is to build SDL as a statically linked library. Another is to use a different library. I went with PellesC,, which can use libraries built for the microsoft compilers. Note that PellesC runs on windows. Hopefully it’ll work in wine. Or, if you had the knowledge, you could fix binutils and submit a patch.

Hi, I’d like to develop SDL-Apps for WinCE on my Debian Linux box.
For Debian there exists a ready cross compiler for the WinCE ARM platform.
Simply install the pocketpc-* packages. So I’m able to build working binarys for
WinCE ARM devices. Now I’d like to use the SDL for my projects. I know SDL works
on WinCE devices if you compile it with M$ eVC++, and there seems to exist an
version which works with pocketgcc.

My problem is:
1.) I can’t cross compile the SDL source with arm-wince-pe target, my knowledge
is to small and even the configure script ends with an error.

./configure --host=arm-wince-pe …

#configure: error: Unsupported target: Please add to

2.) Versions of SDL compiled with eVC++ aren’t working because of the different
symbol format between gcc und the eVC++ compilers.

3.) I can’t find a binary of libSDL which works with pocketgcc which might work
with this cross compiler.

So can anyone help me getting a working libSDL.a for my cross compiler?
I’d like to know how to compile the SDL for use with the cross compiler, but a
ready compiled, working libSDL.a/SDL.dll would suffice too.

thx for advance

Thx for the reply.
I think a static version of SDL would be ok.
But since even the configure script (to generate a decent Makefile) isn’t
running without error and my lack of knowledge regarding WinCE (especially in
connection with SDL), I even can’t build this static lib. So I don’t know which
SDL modules are needed for building SDL for WinCE. Neither could I find
informations on the net.

How about core.dll and winsock.dll, how where these transformed into static libs
for this cross compiler? Shouldn’t this work for SDL too?

Finding no information on the net regarding (cross) compiling with gcc for
WinCE, is the biggest annoyance. :frowning:

Maybe PellesC would be a very last Option.