Cross-platform C++ SDK based on SDL


Rose is a corss-platform C++ SDK. It is based on SDL, and provide higher
level interface to application.


.Cross-platform, include Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux. They are
same as SDL.

.Running application needn’t additional plugin on all platform.

.Really achieve “one code and run all platform”.

.Has a platform-independent, full widget’s window system.

.More detailed framework, deep into unit level on “Big Map”.

.Powerful animation.

.Easy to use network interface.

.Built-in mini-app module. Chat etc.

Modules in Rose are devided into tow catalog: base and mini-app.

Base Modules

.Windows system

.Framework logic


.Image, sound and animation

.Integrate text, image and animation



Mini-app module


.WEB interaction

.In Purchase