Cross-Platform GUI Recommendation Needed


My application is not quite a game but I figure this is the best forum for it. I’m currently working on a application that is targeted across Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows. It’s an experimental academic program that provides lessons and exams on anatomy (We use scans of real human anatomy). So of course it’s in need of some GUI for some functionality (I’ve included some of the functionality I’m currently looking for below). Does anyone have any recommendations for any GUI I could use to achieve this?

Some features I expect I will need GUI for

  • File browser
  • Lists
  • Side menu
  • User Login
  • Settings
  • Text Editor (for script writing)
  • Lesson fragment editor (change audio, video, title, description, etc…)

Sorry if it’s a little vague. It’s a big project and I’m the sole developer (with very little work experience in the field). I’m still nailing down specifications and working on the graphics.



You can use Qt for cross-platform GUI, it’s pretty easy to use with the built-in designer of Qt IDE (QtCreator), and it’s writing in C++ and more…
just google it :slight_smile:

Why make a dedicated application and not a interactive HTML5/WebGL website since that will save you porting time.