Cross-Platform SDL Project Set Up For Visual Studio 2015

So I’ve posted this and figured I’d alert the development mailing list. I
noticed SFML has a Visual Studio 2015 template available (I haven’t checked
if it’s cross-platform ready or not). But there is nothing available for
SDL in terms of templates.

Since VS2015 supports Android emulator debugging directly in the IDE I was
hoping to set up my own SDL 2.0 project to be easy to toggle between an
Android build and a Windows build in the same solution. I ran into some
problems trying to do this and realized it is currently above my head and
could take quite some time to figure out…

More details are available in the stackoverflow link above. Basically I
want to centralize my cross-platform development as much as possible in
Visual Studio (which I use primarily) so I don’t have to manage ant files
or separate projects (xcode, visual studio, ant build system for android

It would be a tremendous win to have a pre-made VS2015 multi-target
cross-platform solution for mobile and pc readily available for reference.