Cursor shape not being drawn where click events actually happen

Here’s another problem. I’m thinking it has to do with SDL, and might be
an issue only in full-screen mode (though he didn’t mention whether he
was using full-screen or not).

In the meantime, while I ask him for details (and to try with
"–nofancycursors" option), does anyone have any ideas?

(For SDL folks, Tux Paint is available at: )


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Product: Tux Paint - 0.9.13
OS: linux - Fedora

I am having trouble with the Linux version, both prepackaged RPMs and direct from source.

The problem is the position of the mouse pointer and the actual place it draws (or clicks buttons) is way off. There seems to be a fixed offset of about 1/4 screen down and to the right from the mouse to the drawing point.

Maybe this is some SDL mismatch. I tried compiling myself, but it did not solve it. Here are my SDL versions:

The ttf versions come from

My kids like TuxPaint, and Linux games are getting them hooked. Thanks.

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