CVS binutils incompatibility

I just wanted to inform everyone to avoid a pothole that cost me about
4-6 hours to sidestep… If you have need to do use the “latest and
greatest” gcc for whatever reason (i.e. template support) you probably
need to use a fairly recent version of binutils if you wish to
recompile/help develop libraries (such as SDL)… This is due to how
newer gccs handle scoping of object-file symbols. I, for example,
was running a late October gcc with a min November binutils (both
from CVS)…

My main reason for writing is to inform you that the newest (CVS)
versions of binutils will not compile SDL… (either CVS or 1.1.6). I
already contacted Nick Clifton at redhat, and he helped me isolate the
problem… The work-around is to stick to binutils 2.10.1 which
should be compatible with newer gcc’s symbol scoping, and compile
SDL just fine… I just wanted to say for the record that

    "for the TIME BEING: binutils in CVS *WON'T COMPILE* SDL,
     so stick to 2.10.1"

I hope that this helps someone avoid a headache,

Best holiday regards,


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