CVS Update (August 21, 2004)

Here’s a new snapshot of SDL from CVS:
Please let me know if you find any problems, or I’ve missed any patches!

Here is what’s changed since the last release:

  • Fixed problem compiling without nasm with new versions of gcc
  • Check for malloc() returning NULL in a few places
  • Added 4/6 channel surround sound support on ALSA (not 3D audio)
  • Added SDL_FB_BROKEN_MODES environment variable
  • Fixed memory corruption when allocating large surfaces (fails now)
  • Show correct joystick names on Windows (thanks Eckhard!)
  • Added a CoreAudio driver for MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Added support for right handed modifier keys on Panther (thanks Eric!)
  • Finally fixed OpenGL coordinate inversion on MacOS X (thanks Eric!)
  • Worked around a crash in aRts audio detection (thanks Yves!)
  • Lots more Atari video fixes (thanks Patrice!)
  • Allow UTF-8 strings in X11 window captions
  • Fixed basic type collision on Tru64 (thanks Hayashi!)
  • Improved keyboard and mouse handling on BeOS (thanks Marcin!)
  • Added missing window manager and OpenGL functions on BeOS
  • Fixed resuming CD-ROM playback on Windows (thanks Andreas!)
  • Fixed compiling on IRIX 5.3
  • Fixed crash if software stretch is used on hardware surfaces
  • Fixed crash on exit in framebuffer console driver
  • Added support for logical joysticks on Linux
  • Added OpenGL accum buffer support on MacOS X (thanks Christian!)
  • Fixed pixmap leak in X11 cursor code (thanks Paul!)
  • Fixed compilation problems with newer versions of gcc
  • Updated QNX support for QNX6 (thanks Mike!)
  • Fixed testdyngl crash on Windows (thanks Damien!)
  • Compile most of the blitter assembly on Opteron
  • Compile CPU detection code on Opteron
  • Fixed floating point exception with Linux 2.6 joysticks
  • Fixed toggling SDL_NOFRAME on X11 video modes
  • Fixed loading ESD and aRts function pointers
  • IRIX uses, not
  • Fixed typo in fatal signal handling code
  • Fix potential deadlock in MacOS X joystick code
  • Build FSAA code on all versions of MacOS X
  • Avoid using kernel headers for byte swapping macros

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment