CVS Update (automake dependencies!)

The latest SDL CVS snapshot is available:

This snapshot is pretty boring, mostly cleanups, except for one thing…
Automake dependencies work! Thanks to Markus Oberhumer, you no longer
need to type ‘make changed’ to get the entire tree to rebuild when you
modify source!

Thanks Markus! :slight_smile:

Full changes for this update:

  • Fixed mingw32 build of DirectX code (thanks Albin)
  • Added Matt Slot’s MacOS CD-ROM compile fix
  • Added most of Derrell’s Cygwin32 build patches
  • Fixed joystick code on Win98SE/ME/2K (thanks Giovanni)
  • Fixed Tru64 native compiler options (thanks Anders)
  • Fixed automake build dependencies (thanks Markus!)
  • Cleaned up code a bit for ANSI compliance
  • Added strict ANSI compliance configure option

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software