CVS Update (fullscreen X11 - please test!)

This CVS update hopefully fixes some problems people have been having
with going fullscreen under some window managers on Linux. I’ve poked
about in delicate code, so PLEASE test this and make sure it still works
properly for you or if it didn’t before, that it does now.

Also, if you’re using Windows, please try out the new timer code,
contributed by Holger Schemel. It uses QueryPerformanceCounter()
directly if it’s supported, and falls back to timeGetTime() if not.

The SDL CVS snapshot is available at:


  • Fixed using gamma with SDL built with XFree86 v4 on XFree86 v3
  • Hopefully fixed X11 fullscreen problems with KDE 2.1 (please test!)
  • Added Holger Schemel’s fix for SDL_GetTicks() on W2K

I’m looking forward to feedback on these changes.

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc.