CVS Update (November 2, 2001 - SDL 1.2.3 prerelease)

The latest SDL CVS snapshot is now available:

This CVS snapshot is an SDL 1.2.3 pre-release snapshot.
Please let me know if there are any problems - the last issues holding
back SDL 1.2.3 have been resolved as far as I know.

Here are the list of changes since the last announcement:

  • Fixed building hermes objects with automake 1.5 (thanks winterlion)
  • Fixed key repeat interactions with event filters (thanks Elmar!)
  • Greatly simplified building MacOS X command line apps (thanks Max!)
  • The ‘Analog 2-axis 4-button 1-hat FCS joystick’ is now recognized as having a hat under Linux.
  • Improved QNX Photon driver event handling (thanks Julian!)
  • Updated DirectFB backend for DirectFB version 0.9.7 (thanks Denis!)
  • Use the DSBCAPS_STICKYFOCUS flag for DirectX audio
  • Fail if set a video mode requesting GL and can’t get it
  • Fixed shared library creation on QNX (thanks Luca!)
  • Added platform independent OpenGL header - SDL_opengl.h

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment


  • Added platform independent OpenGL header - SDL_opengl.h

I’m glad to see this. I went and grabbed current CVS for it alone. =)
I’d really prefer that it were set up for using SDL_GL_LoadLibrary, but I
suppose that’s one of those things you really have to plan and code for in
the application. Now can you come up with the equivalent magic bullet for
OpenGL includes and libs in apps that don’t use SDL_GL_LoadLibrary? ;)On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 12:07:42PM -0800, Sam Lantinga wrote:

Joseph Carter Free software developer

I had a friend stick me in her closet during highschool beacuse I
wouldn’t believe that her boyfriend knew about foreplay…
I shoulda brought popcorn. :slight_smile:

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