CVS Update (smpeg and MacOS)

I’ve integrated Darrell’s DrawSprocket fixes and Vivien’s SMPEG fixes
into the latest SDL CVS snapshot:

  • YUV overlays now have working pitch (thanks Vivien)
  • Prompt the user if MacOS mode change may damage hardware
  • Fixed DrawSprocket video mode lists and mode changes
  • Added DrawSprocket acceleration of colorkey blits
  • MacOS event handling is much more responsive by default
  • MacOS modifier keys now generate key events

I also changed the MacOS event handling to use GetOSEvent() by default instead
of WaitNextEvent(). This provides much more responsive events on MacOS, but
SDL apps no longer play nicely multi-tasking with other applications.
If anybody has any suggestions on ways to work nicely with other apps while
using GetOSEvent(), I’d greatly appreciate them. For example, when in
windowed mode you can still click on an item in the apple menu, but the
application or control panel doesn’t start up until the SDL application quits.

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software