Cygwin - SDL_image compiling problem

Hey all,

A cat nuked my linux box, and I've been waiting for a replacement for a while, but I'm sick of playing Diablo II (which seems to be all windows is worth *ahem* :) ) and so I'm trying to get Cygwin up and running to get back to work.

So I’ve got everything installed and working, and had no problems
compiling SDL and SDL_ttf from source, but I’m stuck on SDL_image
1.2.2. The configure ends happily, but dies compiling IMG.c with errors
in stdio.h, all the same error:
“parse error before: ‘__gnuc_va_list’”

I know this is a little light on details, but I figure since I’m using
all the current, default sources and binaries, without modification -
this is probably something that others in this situation have had to

The best I can tell is that the stdargs.h in the ming dir isn’t defining
__gnuc_va_list and it should be.


End of Rant.

Jimmy’s World (
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