[DEMO] Truetype in OpenGL

Well, this may look a little ugly and for some folks I’m sure it’s nothing
new, but for me it’s new, so I took a screenshot:


This uses the gltt library:


which is written in c++, which means my little world engine is
compiling/running in c++ now. (I’ll post the revised code pretty soon.)

The gltt library worked exactly as advertised, with an absolute minimum of
fuss and muss, though the project is a little short on documentation, to say
the least. This library combines very well with OpenGL and SDL, does exactly
one thing, and by appearances, does it well.

Here’s the code for the demo:

#include “world.h”
#include <gltt/FTFace.h>
#include <gltt/GLTTFont.h>

FTFace face;
GLTTFont font(&face);

int create(void)
int point_size= 20;
char *doing = “open ttf file”;
if (!face.open("/usr/share/fonts/truetype/Arial.ttf"))
goto fail;
doing = “create outline font”;
if (font.create(point_size))
return 0;
fail: printf(“unable to %s\n”, doing);
return -1;

void render(void)
glColor3f(1, 0, 0);
font.output(“hello truetype world”);

struct world world = { create, NULL, render };