[Dev-C++] Linker Error


I am using Dev-C++ (with gcc) and it works fine with SDL. But if i want to use
the profiler and recompile the project i get some linker errors:

main.o(.text+0xc): In function SDL_main': D:/projects/guardian/g2d/main.cpp:17: undefined reference tomcount’
main.o(.text+0xa2): In function
Z41__static_initialization_and_destruction_0ii': D:/projects/guardian/g2d/cCore.h:25: undefined reference tomcount’

If i use the options -pg for the linker and the compiler i get this Error:
libSDLmain.a(SDL_main.o.b)(.text+0x34b): In function console_main': (18:03:49) <xardias> /home/hercules/release/SDL-1.2.6/src/main/SDL_main.c:246: undefined reference toSDL_SetModuleHandle’

I hope anybody can help me. I am using SDL 1.2.6.

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