Development for android w/ sdl ~ questions (haptic, signing)

hi, first of all thanks 2 the sdl team and every1 who contributes code and information for such a wonderful lib,

recently i started to dabble with sdl on android,

after much pain i finally got my project on the phone, but im having some issues

i use winant to make the apk, and i am forced 2 use the debug cos i cant seem 2 get it 2 sign

according 2 some guides the ant should make it signed release apk, for some reason mine doesnt,

also, naming the thing~ i followed the readme but its still called SDL App on the phone, if any1 can guide me here…

lastly~~!!~ haptic force feedback doesnt seem2 work 4 me on the android… maybe its cos im running a debug apk??

i really dont know, i believe im initing everything right so why wouldnt it work

thanks in advance