Differences in OS X/Win32 Activation

I’m getting ready to put out a new version of dim3, and I added a
"windowed" debug mode. There’s one difference between the OS X/Win32
windowed mode that gives me fits.

When you tab away from the app, I release the mouse capture and pause.
Then you can drag the window around. When you start dragging, dim3 gets
input focus on win32 when you finish dragging but on OS X gets it
immediatly. I know this is an OS difference, not an SDL thing, but it
might need to be worked around.

Basically, you drag in win32, it works. You drag on OS X, dim3 gets
input focus (activated), captures mouse, the mouse jumps to center of
window, and then window jumps (as the mouse moved during a drag.) The
"easy" fix (depending on the timing of the messages) would be to hold
back activates until the drag is done, or if activates come before
drags, then hold back captures until the drag is done (both could
possibly bring up weird conditions.)

The work around is to require a click in the window content to resume
which is what I’m doing, so this is not a important bug to me, just a FYI.

[>] Brian