Dim3: A SDL based application and testimonial

Sam (and everybody else):

I thought I’d show you the newest beta of dim3 v3 – this is an free, open source, high-end platform for creating 3D games (using Javascript as a scripting language.) It uses SDL 1.2 but has a flag to use SDL 1.3 when it gets far enough along. I’d be happy to supply a testimonial for you!

OS X version: http://www.klinksoftware.com/download/dim3_3_Beta_19c.zip
Win32 Version: http://www.klinksoftware.com/download/dim3_3_Beta_19c_win32.zip

The archives above are the application files, you need a project (i.e., a game) to use them. The example demo project is at: http://www.klinksoftware.com/download/Data.zip

Unpack this is the same folder/directory with the application files.

Anybody that wants, please take a look. Comments are appreciated, especially bug reports. It’ll run in Linux, but you need to pull the code and compile it. Sadly, there’s no editing suite for Linux, but if somebody would like to take a shot at it (there’s some glue code that would need to be created) please feel free to get ahold of me.

Again, thanks for SDL, and moving ahead on SDL 1.3. That’ll allow me to make a iPhone version of the engine, too!

[>] Brian