DirectX & SDL_Windowid... fullscreen crash!

are there any directx users out there ??

  • i have a app window which gets passed to SDL through SDL_WindowID
  • also directx is enabled through SDL_VIDEODRIVER


  • SDL always renders the video in coords 0,0 absolute and not in the
    client area of the app window
  • SDL crashes the app when i switch to fullscreen mode in directx
    (windib works fine)

what have i tried for 1st problem:

  • it works fine in windib (i know that this does not mean much 'cause
    directx and windib are 2 diff code bases)
  • the handle based on the windowid is passed correctly to SetHWnd of
    DirectDrawClipper and the result is successful (not not null) - why ?
    'cause the video is rendered.
  • there don’t seem to be any WM_Size or WM_SIZING messages that get
    called due to SetWindowPos - how? i put breakpoints in WinMessage as
    well as my own winproc and nothing.

So what is happening here?


  • is directx implementation stable ? are there any unit tests that i
    can run that’ll test out the SDL_WINDOWID functionality? I didn’t find any.
  • also fullscreen on directx crashes; any fixes for this ?

I’m using 1.2.12 version of SDL and building the lib and dll using VS8

any help is appreciated.