Discuss GUI toolkits and GUI development in the Game Development forum and not here

That said. As this is not about SDL core development.

I would rather name that SDL forum “Game and Applications Development” though, as not only games are developed with SDL, but also applications such as media players, simulators and system tools.


I’ve been making games for 20+ years and only 1 out of about 20 games was a success.
Put your Kiss_SDL aside for a while and work on another project!
Keep trying until you succeed…


Again i wasn’t talking about myself, didn’t you see the topic?

About me, what do you even know about me? Have you even tried to use any software i wrote?

And about you i know, you have said that game development gives no benefit whatsoever. At the times when you were very disappointed perhaps, and there has been many such times. Overall i’m not sure whether you have found that game development is even anything worth to do. I know you make some money, but i think by far not enough to live out of it. It sure is a too lean cow to milk. I also got $3 for open source development, and this is all i ever got. Ah, i gave that too to my friend.

My only motivation is thus my mission, to reduce unnecessary software complexity, and whenever i talk about that, i’m attacked by people here. And not only here.