Displaying video in Mac OS X/Cocoa Window NSView or NSOpenGLView


I am kind of new to SDL and am trying to figure out how to take the output
from the window created by SDL_SetVideoMode() and direct it to my own
NSView/NSOpenGLView in my own app so it is an integral part of my
application as opposed to a hanging window.

I am able to compile and run SDL app in Mac OS X in Xcode environment and
display video from my USB based encoding device. But, I am stuck after that.

Along the same lines, since SDL has its own event loop that is circumventing
the usual Cocoa app event loop, does SDL loop delegate all necessary Cocoa
events to Cocoa windows if I happen to have many other Cocoa widgets and
views as part part of my application in addition to video view? Are there
any issues in that respect?

Any help is appreciated.