Documentation layout

Ok well I was the one who posted about the web site and

documentation yesterday. This night I simply took the current web docs
and made a new layout for the video portion of SDL. This is only a
layout redesign. The content is still the same. The content need to be
changed though. There needs to be more examples. Or maybe the demo
stuff could be the examples. The introduction needs to have more. And
just about every function need more information and to be more clear. So
I put this design up to you all. What do you think? It isn’t a piece
of work by any means but it is a direction to go. The easiest way to
get developer to use SDL is to have good documentation that is very
thorough. It shows the new developer just what it wants and a old one
the little things that he/she is looking for. So this is just a start.
I can’t write all that well as you will see on my web site (2 dirs
up @ but I can at least try
to help out in this begging stage. Also I am working full time (and I
do mean full time) on LSDVD and have no free time, but I would like to
help this start out a little. So lets say that for the next 36 hours I
will be taking submissions for any of the SDL Library video
documentation. Do you think a function documentation isn’t written very
well? Write one up right now and submit it to me. Or the intro anyone
want to write something more? Take a good look at the documentation.
You all are the developers who are using this. You know best what
should be in in it. Was there some function that you couldn’t figure
out? And then after looking at the source did? Or maybe something
should be worded better. Write up a new description for this help. I
will update the changes as they come in. In 36 hours I will turn this
over to whoever is taking charge of the documentation. By the power of
greyskull… err I mean open source in 36 hours it should be much
better. Hopefully the person in charge of the documentation will do
something similar with the rest of SDL.

-Benjamin Meyer