Documentation & questions

am continually finding myself looking through the source to find answers
to simple questions that should be in the documentation. I don’t have a
problem with this, but it is just taking up time. Is there any current
plans to increase the documentation for SDL? To cover everything from
supported hardware to more detail on the functions? What is the current
plans for SDL? Does it have a road map?
On the same note I know that several card like the TNT2 (right?)
have hardware acceleration. I am working with a company that is looking
at SDL to provide simple video playback. Unfortunately software mode is
just to slow and hardware acceleration is needed to be supported for
around 80 video cards. All of the acceleration could be done in our
application, but we are looking at helping out with SDL. I have not
done any research as to how easy this would be or if it is even possible
to add these to SDL. Is this the correct path that I should take or is
there something else that someone suggests? Any feedback would be nice.

-Benjamin Meyer