Does anyone know where I can get a game?

Hello again forum.

I’m looking for an already coded game for me to modify and play with. The type of game I want is a 2D platformer. Does anyone know anywhere/ any person with a freeware game and it’s codes using the sdl library?

If you have the codes to a small game you made and really don’t care how I modify it, could you give it to me?

[About me]
I’m just a typical wanna be coder. I’ve been looking at the tutorials for a while and trying to run the code on my computer. My free time was very limited so anytime I really got engaged with learning the tutorials, life popped up and turned my attention. I’ve come to the conclusion it would be better for me to modify a game first and study the code before I make my own.

Free finished open-source cross-platform SDL2 video game!

I’m just finishing up a basic demo project you’re welcome to see, a character moving around a screen with basic physics applied, let me know if you want it and I’ll upload it somewhere for you. I think it’s a little sad there’s not more guys sharing code tbh.

it’s a visual studio 2013 project if you need it to compile out of the box without understanding things