Does it exist a way to use Direct3DSurface from VideoDecoder


I’m using the SDL for a video player on Windows (port to Linux and MacOSX) and the question is for Windows currently.
When I use the software decoder, I got YV12 buffer that can be set using the SDL_UpdateYUVTexture.

When I use the hardware decoder (dxva2), the decoder output a ffmpeg frame where the data is a IDirect3DSurface9. A IDirect3DSurface9_GetDesc is ok and the data are matching (NV12 and size).

I would like to use directly this IDrect3DSurface9 surface and render it on the SDL Window.
I had test to use a HardwareToSoftware transfer and color conversion to YV12 but it tooks 10ms to achieve.

I expect to reach a better latency when sharing Hardware surface between decoder and renderer.

Any idea?