Drawing on surface [OT]

You’re correct, xor eax, eax is gonna be the fastest.
Don’t know why I said “in some situations” I didn’t
mean that. Just a bad choice of words. No I’m not
crazy…it’s kind of fun to write win32 stuff in
asm…more challenging. I write some linux stuff in asm
too. I started doing it when I was writing apps for my
palmpilot. asm is just so neat, it’s amazing the speed
you can milk out of a system. Especially considering
one of my computers is a pentium 90.>When is there something faster than xor eax, eax? mov

eax, 0 ‘and’ and eax, 0 both have longer opcodes so
the only time I can think of where the latter are
faster is when the first one doesn’t pair but the
latter ones do. Can this be? I bailed out at asm
optimization a long time ago, so could you enlighten
me :wink:

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