EEL 0.1.2 with EELBox SDL binding

EEL 0.1.2 released

"Finally! Much later than expected, but then again,
 it's not like I didn't expect that. ;-) Anyway, a
 few more pages of changelog; some refactoring, API
 cleanups, bug fixes, portability fixes, compiler
 improvements, a proper module "injection" API,
 inplace operators, C style += shorthand, and last
 but not least, EELBox, a binding to SDL, SDL_net,
 FastEvents and Net2, with some handy tools and
 "EELification" glue.
    In english, that means EEL is nicer, it runs on
 Linux, Windows and probably some other platforms,
 and you can now do some graphics and networking
 stuff in it. Examples included. Have fun! :-)"


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