EGL Support on Mac

I built SDL 2.0.8 on macos with VIDEO_OPENGLES=ON, and ran the test_gles2 but it gave me “No OpenGL ES support on this system”. Is this expected? Is GLES2 not supported on macos right now? Or do I need ANGLE or something else installed for the test to work?

OpenGL and OpenGL ES are two different things. The latter was intended
for embedded systems.

Regular OpenGL is available on Mac. OpenGL ES is not available on Mac.

But OpenGL ES is available on iOS. But regular OpenGL is not available
on iOS. (You could run an iOS app through the iOS Simulator on Mac if
you are desperate to run GLES code on Mac.)


I know certain libraries manage to run GLES 2 code on macosx using ANGLE. Any pointers on how to do this with SDL?