Embedding SDL 2.0 into an X11 GUI


I am in the early process of writing a game using SDL 2.0 and would to
create a level editor for myself to enhance my productivity. I want to
reuse the SDL code I have written so far to ensure that the display of
the levels in the editor is really WYSIWYG.

Now there seems to be some scattered information about how to embed an
SDL 1.2 surface into a GUI toolkit such as Qt or wxWindows, but I have
found no such information on SDL 2.0. As window management in particular
is pretty different from the previous SDL versions, I wanted to know if
anyone has actually tried to embed an SDL 2.0 window into a GUI app, or
how one would go about it. The exact GUI toolkit is not that important
as long as it works under Linux.

Denis Washington

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