Ill use the libsdl for longer time already. My programs works on Windows and Linux. But on Windows I found a problem with the libsdl. Whenever I’ll move the Joystick ill get endless SDL_JOYAXISMOTION events they never stop. (The joystick has 3 axes)
On Linux the events stop after the last movement of the joystick. -I think that is the correct behavior.
-I tested it already with the newest precompiled version of libsdl but the problem remains. Is this a known issue?
I recompiled libsdl on my own with VIsual Studio 2019 with SDL_DIRECTX, SDL_XINPUT and SDL_HIDAPI_JOYSTICK option - but the result did not change. I thought that setting SDL_XINPUT would make SDL use xinput - and allowes the usage of the windows game controller calibration - because i thought maybe this would be a solution for the problem.

Has had anyone similar problems on windows and found a solution for this problem?
Thank you!

Best regards

You use a while loop when calling SDL_PollEvent?

while (SDL_PollEvent(&event))
    // handle events...

Hi Peter,

yes i do. -Sorry i forgot to write ill see the same difference between linux and windows when ill use the test program of sdl (testjoystick)